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Morgan Security Services

If it matters to you. Protect it. “YOUR SAFETY IS OUR #1 CONCERN!”

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Join our team of professional security officers. We offer training in all fields and opportunities for certification for specific services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the things that matter to you the most. Your safety is our #1 concern

Security Services

Morgan Security no matter how big or small the location Morgan Security offers the protection you need.

Morgan Security Services offers a wide range of security options to best suit your needs. From Armed or Unarmed guards, to Patrol Vehicles and Off-Duty police officers, Morgan Security Services provides top-tier services to protect what matters most.


In a town or city, there can be many local government offices and properties that require specific detail, and potentially round-the-clock security.


Various situations can arise in health care facilities, having security services on-hand helps to ensure that even when the unexpected happens, you are more than prepared to handle it.

Patrol Services

When given a large area to secure, Patrol cars and units efficiently survey and secure the full property.

Construction Sites

Construction sites are often targets of theft and trespassing; carrying valued goods such as, tools, materials, appliances, etc.


Having on-hand security with comprehensive training of mental health can help to calm tense situations, and ease the minds of students and faculty.

Office Buildings

Vulnerable to theft, private security and patrol units mitigate trespassing to secure valuable assets.

Off Duty Officers

At Morgan Security Services, our team of Off-Duty Police officers continue to serve and protect post-shift.

Residential Homes

Private security for personal homes, neighborhoods, and apartment complexes reduces the likelihood of theft and break-ins.

Sporting Events

Sporting events are a favorite past-time for many communities, however, many situations can arise that require security services.

Unarmed Guards

Unarmed Guards keep secure personal, property, and any valuable goods and items that move about the property.


 A security detail decreases the likelihood of theft or damages to the property and its associated business


In need of security services? Speak with one of our security professionals

Morgan Security Services offers a wide range of security options. These options include: armed and unarmed guards, patrol units, off duty-officers, and private investigators. To provide optimal protection of you and your property, Morgan Security Services offers a detailed consultation and property analysis, to determine which services are best suited for your needs.

150+ years of combined Security and Police experience

Every business has different security needs.

Who is Morgan Security?

Based in Louisville, KY, Morgan Security Services is a licensed security agency that provides comprehensive protection for clients and properties against various threats and situations.

Working with you to provide a personalized security detail for private and commercial properties, our highly-trained task force provides the utmost services to best protect what matters most.

Our motto, aptly being Your Safety Is Our #1 Concern!

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