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Construction sites are often targets of theft and trespassing; carrying valued goods such as, tools, materials, appliances, etc. To protect these assets, sites may require specific security details. From 24-hour patrol units, to security officers in designated areas, Morgan security provides a wide-range of options to make sure these sites, are well-protected prior to their completion.


Typical Security Services for Construction Sites

Patrol Units: Depending on how large the site is, or if multiple buildings are located on the premises, patrol units are useful to cover entire grounds efficiently and repeatedly throughout a shift. Being able to see the entirety of a given site, can be vital in making sure each and every aspect of the site is protected at all times. 

Armed and Unarmed guards: With sites possessing various loose tools, materials, valued goods, etc. Having on-hand security in those specific areas ensures the protection of those assets when they are not in use. Our security officers are also trained to deal with trespassers and loiters on the property to keep the property uncompromised and secure. 

Education: Educational environments, while fruitful, can be incredibly stressful. Having on-hand security with comprehensive training on mental health can help to calm tense situations, and ease the minds of students and faculty. Unfortunately, with rising cases of school-shootings and various threats, having security services in educational institutions is incredibly vital to the safety of students and faculty. Our officers are trained in de-escalation and active-shooter scenarios, to ensure the safety on the premises during high-pressure situations.

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