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Educational environments, while fruitful, can be incredibly stressful. Having on-hand security with comprehensive training on mental health can help to calm tense situations, and ease the minds of students and faculty. Unfortunately, with rising cases of school-shootings and various threats, having security services in educational institutions is incredibly vital to the safety of students and faculty. Our officers are trained in de-escalation and active-shooter scenarios, to ensure the safety on the premises during high-pressure situations. 

Security Services in Educational Institutions

Typical Security Services in Educational Institutions

Unarmed Guards: In grades K-12, unarmed guards are more often utilized. With extensive training in de-escalation, medical assistance, and mental health training. Unarmed guards are more than equipped to handle situations that may arise in elementary, middle, and high school

Armed Guards: Depending on the situation or the environment, an armed security officer is authorized to use more force to ensure the security of the institution. In those scenarios where dangerous threats are more immediate, an armed officer can issue certain protective measures to safely protect or evacuate a premises.

Patrol Units: With a lot of ground and people to cover, university and college campuses often require patrol units to secure their environment. Not only do patrol units provide security for students and faculty moving about campus, a patrol vehicle can act as a deterrent for any individuals looking to steal any valued goods, items, or electronics.

Properly Trained: All of our security officers are given extensive training in a variety of areas, medical, mental health, de-escalation, and active shooter scenarios. In any designated area or various areas, our security officers, armed and unarmed, are efficient and effective in providing security for all types of situations.

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