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In a town or city, there can be many local government offices and properties that require specific detail, and potentially round-the-clock security. Morgan Security Services offers a variety of options to best suit a client’s needs. In government institutions, such as, assistance offices, courthouses, housing projects, etc. there can be a variety of people and situations that require specific attention. Morgan Security officers are extensively trained to maintain a safe environment for all types of locations, situations, and environments.

Security Services for Government Institutions

Typical Security Services for Government Institutions

Patrol Services: If a property is particularly large in scope, or is a smaller, singular location, our patrol units (armed or unarmed) can keep efficient surveyance over all aspects of the property. Patrol units are also suitable for clients seeking a little more visual presence of security. 

Armed and Unarmed Guards: Our security officers operate to protect government property, personnel, and any valuable goods and items that may move about property. As many people come in and out, our officers work to maintain a calm and safe environment throughout the property. 

Most security details can require an overlap of services. Morgan Security Services offers consultations and property analysis for all clients in order to understand what services may be needed. 

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