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Office buildings house a lot of supplies, materials, and electronics, which can make them vulnerable to theft. Having a patrol unit, or an armed/unarmed guard around the premises, benefits greatly toward loss prevention. During or after hours, having a security unit in place, reduces the likelihood of theft ever taking place.

Office Buildings security services

Office Buildings

Patrol Units: An office building can be a large property, or have multiple buildings on a property. Having a patrol unit consistently surveying the location during all hours of business, or after-hours, greatly reduces the chances of theft, and provides constant security to all areas of the property. 

Armed and Unarmed Guards: On a large property, while security surrounding the premises is optimal, office building locations can also benefit from armed or unarmed guards securing specific locations. A main office building may house more supplies and electronics, or have more employees entering and exiting the building, having an on-hand guard provides immediate security to those locations.

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