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Residential homes and areas are vulnerable to break-in and theft, while police services are always available, a police officer might not be able to respond to a residential call immediately or at all depending on the severity of a situation. Having a specifically assigned security detail ensures immediate response and round-the clock protection for tenants of a neighborhood or apartment complex. From patrol units, armed or unarmed guards, or off-duty police officers, on-hand security decreases the likelihood of theft taking place, and immediate assistance if it ever does. 

Security Services for Residential Homes

Typical Security Services for Residential Homes

Patrol Units: Whether it’d be a small neighborhood, large neighborhood, or an apartment complex, a patrol unit can keep constant watch over every inch of a location. If a tenant needs assistance, a patrol unit can provide immediate response and security. 

Armed and Unarmed Guards: In a neighborhood or apartment complex, an armed or unarmed guard can be stationed on specific properties, or throughout a large property. Having an armed or unarmed guard is beneficial to situations requiring specific security or personal protection. 

Off Duty Officers: Police units cannot always respond to calls immediately, but a situation or location might require police attention. With an off-duty police officer, the officer maintains communication with dispatch and emergency medical services, while also holding arrest authority, if needed. In a residential area, an off-duty police officer can provide similar assistance to on-duty officers, while also being able to immediately assist in a situation

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