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Sporting events are a favorite past-time for many communities, however, many situations can arise that require security services. From rowdy crowds, aggressive confrontations, overcrowding, to immediate threats, Morgan Security Services can help maintain a secure environment for patrons and personnel throughout the event.

Security Services for Sporting Events

Typical Security Services for Sporting Events:

Patrol Units: Stadiums and other sporting locations usually have a lot of ground to cover, a lot of people moving about the property. Our patrol units can efficiently provide security throughout the premises, act as a blockade for restricted areas, and help direct flow of traffic as guests arrive/depart. 

Armed and Unarmed guards: With a variety of people moving about large-scale events, on-hand security can be utilized for a variety of situations. Whether it’d be directing guests away from restricted/private areas, de-escalating arguments, or preventing dangerous threats, both of our armed and unarmed security officers keep a watchful presence throughout the event. 

Off-Duty Officers: Unfortunately, large-scale events can be a target for individuals with intent to cause harm. In case of these emergency  situations, our off-duty officers have direct communication with 911 dispatch, which means that these officers have a direct line to request emergency medical services, police backup, and possess arrest authority if needed.

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