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Housing valuable thousands of dollars in supplies, goods, electronics, etc.Warehouses are incredibly vulnerable to theft and break-ins. Having a security detail decreases the likelihood of theft or damages to the property and its associated business. Whether it’d be a patrol unit surrounding the property, security guards stationed throughout the property, a security unit on standby provides immediate protection to an otherwise very vulnerable location.

Security Services for Warehouses in Louisville, KY

Typical Security Services for Warehouses

Patrol Units: With a lot of ground to cover, a warehouse would  benefit greatly from having a patrol unit surveying the property. With a lot of entrances and exits, a patrol unit can provide immediate security to all ins and outs to a property, while the visual of a patrol car acts as a deterrent to any potential trespassers. 

Armed and Unarmed Guards: Warehouses typically store valuable goods and products, making them vulnerable to theft and trespassing. Having an armed or unarmed security guard stationed inside or throughout the premises, provides an immediate and multi-layered defense system, to best protect valuable assets and private property.

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